Antique bronze and silver medals, a special moment in the life of a horse and rider team frozen in time, are the focal point of Donna's one-of-a-kind necklaces in the Remembering line. Rare and beautiful works of art designed by noted sculptors and awarded by Kings and Queens, these medals bring the rich equestrian history of the world galloping into your fashion stable.


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One hundred and thirty years ago in Chantilly France, a horse and rider were presented with an award: a solid sterling silver medal with a magnificent, Arabian's head in profile. The 1885 French medal has now become a part of the "Remembering" stable of beautiful jewelry destined to adorn a fashionable horsewoman today. Sea blue fluorite beads make up most of the necklace, while a couple of "crystal" clear quartz beads float, like tiny icebergs, above the striking horse portrait capturing and refracting the light. A sprinkling of sterling silver beads finishes this elegant and stunning creation, worthy of the horse it portrays.


The inspiration for this necklace is its 100+ year old British sterling silver Shire Horse Society medal. Two harnessed drafties, the flesh and blood embodiment of the power of earth and sky are shown in harness, while the back of the medal features a regally dressed Queen with a royal scepter astride a plumed steed. In each of the wonderful Chalcedony beads in this necklace there is a glimpse of the tans and browns of our planet and the luminescent blue of sky. Slim, curving fingers in each of the sterling sliver focal beads represent the lines of their harness; a draft horse's badge of honor for service to mankind.


1933 Copper medal from Japan, it is inscribed on back as a medal from: “Japan's Royalty and Nobility School of Riding.”  The unusual shape and lines of the medal makes it an instant eye catcher.  Moss green agate and copper beads complete this one-of-a-kind piece of re purposed history.


An intricately executed bronze medal depicting a time lapse horse and riderjumping a fence. It is enhanced with earth tone agate and
jadeite focal beads


This necklace features a 1910 French silver patina bronze jumping medal and great carved antique carnelian trade beads


Quartz crystal beads and tourmoline are the tack for this wonderful vintage medal featuring a clear, crisp image of an Event rider over a huge oxer on his way to the win.


A brilliant sterling silver French medal washed in gold from a 1872 horse show in Paris make this a truly special, elegant piece.  Pale smoky quartz with carved jadite and vermeil beads.


A silver washed bronze medal with a striking equine profile portrait make this simple necklace stand out. Beads are apatite and sterling silver


1926 British Hunter Improvement Society sterling silver medal with detailed hunting scenes on both sides of the medal!. Onyx & labradorite beads