A focused, personalized dialogue (lesson) with Donna addressing riding biomechancis, (position, problems, etc.) your horse’s movement and postural habits and related topics including equipment and fit. Design your lesson by sending me a 20 minute video (or upload it to You Tube), or 10 to 12 still photos of your horse and/or you riding, accompanied by a brief description of your goals, questions and what you would like to improve or correct. After viewing the video I will schedule a telephone conference with you. To start schedule a virtual lesson, e-mail me at .
$45.00 per lesson



“Have an industry expert on speed dial! Donna will answer the type of critical questions which often arise with the ownership of a horse, within a 24 hour window, saving you time, money and a great deal of aggravation. Let her help you steer clear of common industry pitfalls and “fads” which may offer short term “solutions” but also bring long term problems!   Protect your horse and your bank account with an unbiased, experienced professional's advice on industry trends and practices. Learn the questions to ask to do productive, successful interviews of future instructors, trainers, clinicians, farriers, veterinarians and boarding facilities, in order to find the “right” professionals for your horse, your goals and your budget.
$50.00 per month (6 months minimum)


Improve your results; go further, faster or just feel better at the end of a ride! The service includes as many telephone consults as needed during your ride year. We discuss goals, training plans and the influencing factors of personal circumstances (family obligations, job, residential location and/or geographical limitations as they may impact conditioning schedules), ride schedules, nutrition (for both you and your horse), trouble shoot problems, shoeing options and schedules, tack choices and ride strategies. I will start by viewing a video clip of you and your horse, showing horse movement and rider skills in all gaits, as well as your trot out skills, your horse's manners, body weight, conformation (to determine the need to add various gymnastic exercises to your work outs to help insure your horse's maximum resiliency) and shots of all 4 hooves from side and bottoms and we go from there toward the goals you have chosen.
My QUALIFICATIONS: Over 50 years as an equestrian coach and trainer Finished Tevis 18th as my FIRST ENDURANCE RIDE (at any distance). Placed TT and won BEST CONDITION at my second endurance ride (Castle Rock 50) Finished every ride ever entered.