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Riding & horse training techniques for adult amateurs which give professional results

The latest innovations in horse handling including rider body awareness, equine body awareness, TTEAM and round-pen work.

b Fun quizzes, which can help you determine when you or your horse may need professional help and where and how to find the best available.

b Inspiring real-life stories of successful, amateur horse and rider teams.

bullet Lots of photos and diagrams.


The history, tradition, and “how to” of riding and training the “cowboy way.”

"A cowboy would give up his horse before he would give up his saddle: making sure the saddle is your horse's best friend and your most valuable tool.

b Training a horse - Cowboy style.

b Winning the Western Horsemanship class.

b Six “quick fixes” to make you a better rider.

b True partnership and how to achieve it.

b Diagrams and rules for the classical western speed events.


Jam packed with critical information that never goes out of style, plus the “little things” that can help get you to the finish line – FIRST, in the TOP TEN, riding the BEST CONDITIONED horse or, just time, after time, after time!

A continuing top seller, this book is the reference bible for successfully preparing yourself and your horse to participate in and greatly enjoy the popular, challenging sport of endurance riding.

b The book addresses the ground breaking concepts of rider balance and the gymnastic training of the horse in the overall success of the long distance team.

b Common sense approach to conditioning, feeding, tack and equipment and the mental preparation of both the horse and rider.

b Non-riders (family or friends), who have volunteered or been drafted to serve in the capacity of "crew" will find the special tips in the chapter devoted to the art of comfortable crewing tremendously helpful.